Chemical Peels Before and After

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels are a proven and affordable way to diminish blemishes and revitalize your skin. Regular chemical peels help to correct skin pigmentation, mild sun damage, wrinkles and acne, giving you a smoother, healthier complexion.

There are many types of chemical peels and they come in varying strengths. At low strength, a chemical peel is used like an exfoliant and at higher strength; it acts as a mild facial peel. As an exfoliant it softens and loosens the dry dead skin cells that form a barrier layer on the surface of the skin. As a result the skin begins to shed the dead cells, uncovering new cells to reveal a smoother, fresher and more moist surface.

At the same time the peels loosen the natural oils and dirt that builds up in the pores. This deep cleansing action minimises the appearance of the pores and reduces the development of pimples or other facial breakouts.

Chemical peels also stimulate the circulation of blood to the skin and as a result the production of elastin and collagen is increased so that the skin becomes more supple.

There’s a chemical peel to suit every skin type and, when carried out in conjunction with the correct skincare products, chemical peels are an excellent way to give your skin a new lease of life. They also help to maintain the results of surgical and non-surgical treatments.

How many treatments do I need?

Although you will see some effect from one treatment, to achieve optimum results we recommend four to six applications. These treatments should ideally be performed every seven to fourteen days during the process. Once completed, periodical follow-up peels once a month are recommended to maintain your skins improved condition.

Will I need to use homecare products?

In order to maximize the benefits of your chemical peel, it’s important to condition the skin both before and after the skin care programme. It will enhance the therapeutic and cosmetic effects of the procedure. A sunblock should also be been worn during and after the programme.

Do chemical peels help acne?

Chemical peeling for acne helps by dissolving the the sticky oily substance that binds together the keratinized dead cells of the shin causing them to exfoliate in the pores and follicles where dead keratin cells accumulate and clogs pores forming acne and causing comedones (blackheads). Chosing the right chemical peel will depend on the skin type and the severity and condition of the acne and scaring. This is where expert help and advice will be given prior to treatment.

(Chemical peel photos can be seen in clinic)