Muscle Stimulation

Micro-Current Non-Surgical "Face Lift"

This unique method of electro-Muscle Stimulation tightens loose skin and strengthens atrophic muscles. After a series of treatments the results mimic a non-surgical face lift. It has long been understood that micro-current can tone and strengthen muscles, at least temporarily, by inducing the same electrical charge that occurs when we actively contract a muscle. During facial toning, we apply a conductive gel to the face and use two saturated, conductive wands to isolate the most important facial muscles and “work out” each one. Our facial re-sculpturing may also be used as a preventive treatment to keep the muscles of the face and neck firm and the contours smooth. It also helps reduce fine lines, increases blood circulation, and stimulates collagen production.

Therapy Benefits:

Optimum number of treatments:

For best results, we recommend eight weekly treatments. They may also be performed as a single treatment or as a monthly maintenance treatment. Depending on skin condition, may be combined with our other treatments.